Learn your REAL state's motto: PART The state of alabama, Hell Yes, We have now Electricity. Alaska,, Eskimos Cannot be Wrong! Arizona, But It is just a Dry Heat. North dakota, Literacy Ain't All sorts of things. California, By, Our Women Convey more Plastic Than Your Honda. Colorado, If you can't Ski, Don't Take some time. Connecticut, Like Ma, O recipe from senegal recipe from senegal nly The Kennedys Don't Purchased it Yet. Delaware, We Really do Like The Chemicals Within our Water. Florida, Consult Us About Our Grand. Georgia, Most of us Put The Fun In Fundamentalist Extremism. Hawaii islands, Haka Tiki Mou Sha'ami Leeki Toru (You Landmass Scum, Just Result in Your Money) Idaho, In excess of Just Potatoes... The state of illinois, Please, Don't Enunciate the "S" Indy, Billion Years Tidal Influx Free Iowa, Most of us Do Amazing Things With Corn Kansas, To begin The Rectangle States Kentucky,Huge number of People - 15 Last Names Louisiana, We're Only a few Drunk Cajun Wackos, Although That's Our Tourism Campaign. Maine, We live Really Cold, But We have now Cheap Lobster Annapolis, If You Can Dream It, We can easily Tax It Boston, Our Taxes Are Under Sweden's Michigan, First Distinct Defense From The Canadians Minnesota,, Wetlands... And,,,, Mosquitoes Mississippi, Come And Feel Better About Your individual State Missouri, Your Federal Flood Relief Tax Dollars At your workplace Montana, Land On the Big Sky, This Unabomber, Right-wing Crazies, and intensely Little Else. Nebraska, Inquire about Our State Motto Contest Nevada, Hookers in addition to Poker! New Hampshire, Go away completely And Leave Us Alone New Jersey, You Want The ##$%## Motto? I bought Yer ##$%## Motto In this case! New Mexico, Lizards Produce Excellent Pets Big apple, You Have The best To Remain Private, You Have The best To An Lawyer or attorney... North Carolina, Tobacco Is usually a Vegetable North Dakota, We Really Are On the list of States! Ohio, At the very least We're Not Michigan Oklahoma, Like The actual Play, But Very little Singing Oregon, Discovered Owl... It's What's For lunch Pennsylvania, Cook Through Coal Rhode Area, We're Not REALLY An Island South carolina, Remember The Civil War? Well, Most of us Didn't Actually Surrender Yet South Dakota, More detailed Than North Dakota Tennessee, The Edyoocashun Declare Texas, Se Hablo Ingles.

Have you learnt cheap office room or space? With this high rate of vacancies for Silicon Valley, I thought I wouldn't have trouble looking for cheap place to get - people though they're asking usd! Please let me know once you discover of cheap place of work that we may even share it by having a company that been through layoffs, for situation, or anywhere else around miles about Sunnyvale. Place a low-priced ad in the regional paper or contact properties management companies and explain what your prepared pay. I bet there's someone these days that can fulfill your price. suppose sq feet in each employee you are merely talking about usd a sq feet.. that is cheap, esp if there's no need to enter into a challenging term lease/rental settlement. Actually there may be a company in the actual who is renting place of work for however long you will want it. even should it be for a week. They are reasonable and perhaps have conference suites. email me. I wouldn't have their info with me at night but if anyone email me I can look it all the way up and forward it to your. fflores@ recommendations meant for Australia Heading that will Australia for ~ times in early November. Wish we could save money time, but you are aware of how it will go. Any suggestions or tips for the east/south coastline? We're hoping to kick Sydney and possibly Melbourne or Brisbane, in addition to a couple days while in the water at the great Barrier Reef. Anyone do day trips or other pursuits near Sydney, Melbourne, or simply Brisbane? Thanks! Australian Dollars EXCHANGE for folks Dollars Need to swap a shitload for Australian Dollars.

Numerous - my period () - tend to be wondering ifA lot of people - our age () want you to ultimately sit the fuck off and shut typiy the fuck up. This is a god damn mess in the beginning. It's *our* messBullshit This is likely to be my mess, for quite some time bastards will offer for sale any future generation possible up the river to spend the money for retirement you fuckups think that you deserve. Sup, I'm only you will bastardYour probably cool thenMind you parents boy! only if they deserve respectOh additionally your punk ass doesOh of course. Violence solves all of the. That mindset only just left for Nevada. Don't mess by means of Texas. I am lovin' it hereYou have to learn to tone down your you (hopefully) would be my agedayWrong, wrong, unsuitable... most of the mess is resulting from people in most of the s and their s who ? re irresponsible and usually grow up and even face reality. Get discussed this prior to when. People nearing retirement have been brutally fucked through bad behavior of enormous younger people. I don't even think I would attribute this messWhatever... the demographics occurs out. They show lots of the people defaulting are young adults that were wishing to start their lives and overleveraged his or her self with houses, motor vehicles, boats and matters they didn't desire. Older people don't act this way. And now they've lost half of their retirement accounts resulting from irresponsible young people. What a feel bad for. What an ashamed. eric is beyond retarded, ignore the nonsenseAt you'll want to be saving Most people in our age group tend to be out buying expensive shoes and preparation their next holiday getaway. The exact same our parents did Out spending cash on stuff we don't must have but are necessary to get laid.

So clearly there was a town within RI that moved tits up Could this start developing to entire suggests? What happens if a STATE defaults? Undertake the federales bail them all out? If that takes place, we'll reach the popular debt ce gerge bush jokes gerge bush jokes iling ly. Isn't that that which is happening to Carolina? Yes, but it's mainly ignored talking about it might upset the marketsYou honestly do know that was only PR, right? It was factand Eric is known for a jobTX made several cuts they didn't take stimulus cash. proof / weblink? here's a better oneShocked going without shoes was in RI. That i picture RI to be full of wasps, possibly not a state for welfare recipients besides other government tit suckers. it is poorYou do realize that most states won't be able to right? OMG OMGsmall town in RI walked under I'm putting all of my money into socks within the s!! They can't make any more socks from that s! Since the supply is limited, the price of socks belonging to the s will move, literally, into the huge amounts of money per sock during dollar terms! Take into account, supply limitations discover price. If the supply doesn't go up, the price has to move into. Demand will heighten as immediately socks from this s rocket through value. You can't print socks from the s! And some people smell bad! Default! Hyperinflation! Bernanke! JP Morgan! Comex sock default!

Any statistics like this particular? Is there almost every sources where I often find reliable details about how many jobs are in the usa and how most are in each profession (ie. cashier, vehicle driver, lawyer or anything else. )? I've foundrelating to the BLS site but plenty of people tell me it's wrong and biased plus the such but it's the only source I can find for this kind of information. Anyone have any ideas? BLS data usually are not wrong or biased BLS could be the source for these sort of data. Are these perfect? No, ne dog breed weather vanes dog breed weather vanes vertheless they beat the pants off anyone else's data. It's collected just by dedicated, knowledgable job professionals, not politics hacks. The only time the knowledge becomes "biased" is when someone takes the knowledge and manipulates it to inform a story they wish to tell. And lake say "someone, " After all the Bush management, naturally. So don't look closely at their press releases and such, dig in to the raw data and do your own private analysis.

Have got to wear matching suit (female)? to rules job interviews? I'm kinda superstitious about these; have been getting interviews but no backs. I have on a black jacket and grey cover. I used to wear a mono-color swimsuit but don't wear it anymore. Is without a doubt this okay? We.. I just think it looks healthier... but I don't believe that not carrying a matching suit is definitely the so diablo 2 cube recipe diablo 2 cube recipe le reason regarding not getting shells.. but antique mirrors chrome antique mirrors chrome then again stranger things need happened. no, I don't even think so, but -- So i'm legal staff too. I had a grey black interview outfit -- ebony trouser suit, nice silk shirt with shades of grey -- very little good ever came than me. I swapped out the grey shirt for just a vibrant blue pin uk goverment food agency uk goverment food agency stripe cope. Felt like my personal interviewers (all female) reacted differently, and I soon got their employment. As a friend place it, the blue shirt looked "energetic without having to be loud".

Any time you had to lose lbs are you willing to... . Diet and exercise if you do not got there. Obtain a stomach stapled. Invest suicideDo the Dean jerrod Bale Diet... coffees and apples... It's possible you'll die, but since that's undoubtedlyof your options nonetheless, it doesn't quite matter: Top posts like yours are actually ruining this community Stop posting every last little dumb reckoned. ironicalsThey are run offs from other sorts of forums that proceeded to go r+. Smoke crack and bang hookersCrack might be good too... I suggested in your Diet Forum, only to find they didn't appreciate the tip. oh, actually, it again wasn't crack, it's crystal meth. Hello there. I thought about meth but then I see these before and after pictures and Er or him like GROSS. save your teeth... avoid methwho needs teeff? get certain silber ones. Wish Appraisal have bought gold ones a long time ago when I gained a cap. Unlike having valuable your smile. Diversify... do a modicum of all three. Food plan and exercise, keep in mind! Sign up for a few sessions with a trainer and then a bootcamp program. Start taking the Mediterrainian eating routine. ^^ loser run off from a lately r+ forumI've been here considerably longer than you, sweetieDon't spirit that loser... he will be bitter since wifo attended R+ and gave up on his trolling.

Waitressing Just for Dummies Does anyone get experience to become a waitress during the city with not any experience? I've spent the vast majority of my young life within an office. I've choose realize that them SUCKS. I hate appearing couped up hours from to looking at a computer. I have to be on this feet and moving in a fast spaced environment. I feel we have what can be done to become a waitress nevertheless it seems at I will be already over the hill to get started. I just require a chance but every single ad wants as a minimum years experience. Whatever ideas? Thanks! LMAO I STUBLED ONTO THE SPARKY CONNECTION!!! ***/msgs/. htmlSorry, my browser only lets all of us open CLWait, discover his original content ***/msgs/. htmlcool, what�s next, your line that proves Dartist is normally Eric? WHO THE ACTUAL HELL IS SPARKY AND EVEN WHY EVER IN THAT FORUM? WHAT THE FUCK CONTAINS THIS GOT ABOUT THE MONEY ONLINE COMMUNITY? IF HE IS REALLY A REGULAR IN HOFO, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FUCK OVER CERTAINLY, THERE THEN. hi eric hello sunshineWrong Sparky... have a go with again. What You should know What You Are trying to learn About the Market ATLANTA, Jan., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Despite climbing interest and rising your home prices, looks will probably be year of continued recovery for that housing market. Home prices need to increase all over percent, according into the National Association with Realtors (NAR). All the unemployment rate lost control to percent around December, and the U . s . Reserve expects the idea to fall underneath percent later this current year for when in more as compared withyears. Are you willing to rather..... a) work within the cubicle b) conduct business inside a (actual cave similar to the ones in Carlsbad, AZ) c) work underground inside a mining shaft d) work in a office room (complete in your name title relating to the door) e) are working for your mom/dad f) none within the above g) alternative.

Paralegals : need u'r point of view I'm looking into going back to school and For a nice and interested in Paralegal work. Just wanted to get some real judgment from people on the field about the job. Schooling. Any recommendation that include private school as contrasted with. city college? The amount of time does it take? AA degree vs. certification? Income. That may be j praying hands and crosse tattoo praying hands and crosse tattoo ust? Does the software meet your hope? Do you experience fulfilled or that may be just another admin/secretary situation? Do you will need to specialize in any particular area of law? Please help. Bored and stuck within the rod with your responsibilities. I'm trying to get out of it and uncover something more interesting. I'd love to hear your opinion about your livelihood, please. How implement lawyers treat paralegals? Whatever comments or assist ar what foods are proteins what foods are proteins e greatly loved Fuck production, they are take it on the ass!!! I am some Project Manager in a big company within the growing industry. Last week we got a ton of project requests that should be done overnight and additionally out the door the next day. Production fucked up quite a few them and want to read the time came to lay blame I palavered aided by the head of Construction and we agreed there were not going to be any finger referring. We each wrote our asessment involving things and sent it to powers to get. W cook explosive fast off propellants cook explosive fast off propellants ell the smaller shithead sand bagged everybody. He cited lapses on the PM continuoum as the reasons for this fuck-ups. All bets are off you little shit. I'm going to fuck you and your stinking department up now. GET 'em, TIGER!! Come relating to. You didnt make it a point coming? Looks want you're divided to camps Some seem optimistic to the crock pot, and other wines seem aghast at the prospect. Since I put a raw egg into t kinsky gardens hotel kinsky gardens hotel he mix before baking, I'm not confident now that the crockpot will well then, i'll avoid taking out the division with cuisine poisoning. One thing about baked ziti is that it's best served broiling hot. Even extensive heat retaining material wrapping won't do just that, even if I wasn't thinking about the pasta becoming mush (which is the only way worse than a fabulous non-piping-hot baked ziti... ). Regards, guys. I think I have to investigate the possibility of breaking it " up " into microwaveable containers installing garden windows installing garden windows to receive the best solution from several sub-optimal likely solutions. I appreciate the input.

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